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February 2019


Sony Announces New 135mm F1.8 G Master Prime Lens

Sony Electronics has introduced a highly anticipated addition to their acclaimed G Master series of full-frame E-mount interchangeable lenses – a 135mm F1.8 full-frame, large-aperture telephoto prime lens (model SEL135F18GM).

Equipped with Sony’s most advanced optical technologies, the new lens is built to meet the extremely high standards of Sony’s G Master series. The new FE 135mm F1.8 GM offers exceptionally high resolution and exquisite bokeh, two qualities that are signature attributes of Sony’s flagship G Master brand. The new lens combines rapid autofocus (AF) acquisition with a lightweight, portable design and a variety of professional functions, making it a versatile, high-performance tool for professional portrait photographers, wedding photographers, sports photographers and a wide variety of imaging enthusiasts.

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Giora Dan: Giving the Gift of Time

© Giora Dan

The concept of receiving good fortune and opportunities from the universe and ensuring you give back is something that many people hold near and dear. It’s all about reciprocity and maintaining the balance. A few years ago, photographer Giora Dan had this thought in mind when he decided to give back to the universe by donating his time and skills to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and aid organisations working in deprived areas outside New Zealand. “I wanted my images and videos to help make people’s life better. The reason to aim at overseas deprived areas is that these country have no social support framework like here in New Zealand. Also, most of these countries suffer from deep and chronic corruption that stifles any help that comes from governmental institutes,” Giora explains.

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