Tuki Huck: Freezing a Moment in Time


Bringing something from the movies into our real lives, Tuki Huck launched his business, FREEZETiME in June 2018. FREEZETiME is a large self-service photo booth that takes a series of images simultaneously using twenty Sony RX0 cameras. The outcome is a wicked video showing the subject from different angles — something described as the bullet-time effect. “The bullet-time effect has been around for a while, and initially it was mainly used on movie sets and at high-profile events (like the red carpet). I thought that it would be a good idea if everyone could have access to this unique visual effect,” Tuki explains.

As the company founder, Tuki was responsible for coming up with the idea, as well as tracking down technicians, engineers, and software developers to make the photo booth a reality. On top of that, he’s now taking care of FREEZETiME’s social media, advertising, and future opportunities. He also scouted the location where the first FREEZETiME photo booth would launch and live — Coronet Peak.

“We have just launched at Coronet Peak as our first venue. We’re a Kiwi company so we wanted to launch in New Zealand first. I live in Queenstown so it was a logical location for us. We decided to approach the biggest company first as we wanted to launch in time for the winter ski season (a busy time for Queenstown). We talked to NZSki and they were super keen and wanted us to be exclusive with them. That was a very good sign.”

Although they’re currently situated in only one location at the moment, Tuki has high hopes for the future of FREEZETiME, aiming to get the photo booths used on a global level. “We are in discussion with other companies. At this stage we’re not really planning to use the booth for events. We’re more interested in long-term installs.”

The photo booth is high tech, with a focus on getting the videos that it takes quickly processed and delivered so that customers can share them via social media. Tuki has launched a video about how FREEZETiME works, which showcases the awesome functionalities of QR codes and QR code scanning as well as being able to download and share to social media immediately. The self-service concept means users can pay, shoot, and share, without the need for a person to man the machine.

“Creating a self-service photo booth was very challenging. We have learnt so much. We can now easily customize the photo booth to our customers’ requirements. For example, if they want a full 360-degree rig, or if they want to be integrated with their content management system.” Tuki says. “This is a photo that you can’t capture with your smartphone or a DSLR.”

If you’d like to learn more about FREEZETiME, or perhaps you even know of a spot that a FREEZETiME install would suit perfectly, get in touch with Tuki at




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