Hamish Melville: Simple, Striking Beauty

© Hamish Melville

After facing a challenging few months, Hamish Melville wanted to try and channel some of the emotions he had faced over that time into a new body of work. His aim was to create a fashion editorial that felt very intimate and unpretentious. What you’re seeing here is the end result.

Having worked as a professional photographer for the past six years, Hamish is well known for his striking work in the portrait and beauty photography industry. “Back in photography school we were able to experiment with different genres of photography, and I think it was then when I first realised the cool creative possibilities with photographing fashion and beauty,” Hamish explains.

His interest in this genre regularly spills into his personal projects, evidence of which is in this series, where he used a Sony α9 with the Zeiss 55mm f/1.8, 90mm f/2.8 macro, and 100mm f/2.8 G-Master lenses to create these beautiful portraits of Katie from N Model Management.

Faces are something that really draws Hamish’s attention, and in his work he’s always looking for ways to draw attention to certain aspects of a person’s face. “Whether that’s a bold colour on the lips or an abstract shape that complements a model’s eye shape.”

Sometimes it can be tricky for a photographer to define their style, but Hamish has the way he describes his work perfected. “I often like to photograph portraits and beauty against clean, simple backgrounds, to really isolate the subject and bring full attention to a person’s face. I like to simplify elements in a photograph into shapes, colour, and light — whether that’s in a landscape or a face. The colour palette used in my imagery is often softer natural tones, blues, sandy colours, and pastels.”

This particular series aligns beautifully with his signature style, with its use of a simple backdrop, plenty of focus on the model’s face, and a lovely neutral colour tone throughout.

With this project complete, Hamish has moved his attention to a landscape project, which has a focus on water with an abstract approach, featuring images from around New Zealand and overseas.

© 2017 Hamish Melville

© 2017 Hamish Melville

© 2017 Hamish Melville

© 2017 Hamish Melville

© 2017 Hamish Melville

© 2017 Hamish Melville


Photography: Hamish Melville (@hamishmelville)
Model: Katie @ N Model Management
Makeup: Olga Gill (@olgagillmakeup)
Hair: Jessica Taylor (@jessicataylor)

Thanks to Public Library, Showroom 22, Ingrid Starnes and Sony NZ

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