Chris Turner: With Trust Comes Freedom

© Chris Turner

Around 11 years ago, Chris Turner was asked by a friend of a friend to document their wedding for them. For a grand total of $500 and with a bit of reluctance having never shot a wedding before, nor any plan to make a career out of it, Chris photographed the couple’s wedding and had a blast. From that day on he spent his time figuring out what he needed to learn to become a professional wedding photographer.

“It took me a good while to really get into the industry without any kind of help. I’d say I’ve been making a full-time living off photography for the past four years almost, with the last two years being full-time self employed,” Chris says.

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Tom Ang: Sony FE 24mm F1.4 G Master

© Tom Ang

This may be before you were born, but I can recall the excitement that greeted the first practical 24mm lens for 35mm SLRs. It was the Nikon Nikkor 24mm of 1967. It used nine elements and had taken the better part of ten years to compute… by hand. It transformed photojournalism as it could be used at full aperture and its close-focusing performance was surprisingly good thanks to the then very snazzy internal moving groups.

Let’s jump to today. I’m as excited now as I was then about Sony’s brand new 24mm E-Mount lens, the ultra-fast f/1.4 GM. It’s the eighth in Sony’s line of premium G Master lenses so it has a high bar to attain. Its stand-out feature is apparent when you unpack the gem: it is surprisingly small. It sits about half-way between the first Nikon 24mm that weighed only 240g (but was f/2.8) and the current f/1.4 competition (from Nikon, Canon, and Sigma) that weigh 650g or more. The Sony weighs 445g – only two-thirds the weight of the competition – and it’s also about two-thirds their bulk.

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Sony World Photography Awards 2019

 © Nick Dolding

Now in its 12th year, the Sony World Photography Awards is one of the most celebrated and diverse photography competitions in the world.

The Awards are free to enter and open to all levels of photographer, from emerging 12-19 year-olds, enthusiastic hobbyists and students, to established professionals. There is a competition and a category for everyone, from Architecture, Documentary, Landscape, Portraiture, Sports, Street Photography, Wildlife, Travel, Culture, and more.

All images are judged by leading industry experts, who come together each year in London to decide the best images. A total prize fund of US$30,000 plus the latest Sony digital imaging equipment is shared between winning photographers.

With the power to kick-start and shape careers, photographers are provided with an unprecedented stage to showcase their work, powered by a series of tailored global press and media campaigns. Previous winners and shortlisted photographers have gone on to be represented by renowned galleries and institutions, and their work has been featured in major publications around the world.

Equally, each year we recognise one of the world’s most influential photographers through the Outstanding Contribution to Photography award; previous recipients have included Martin Parr, William Eggleston and Candida Höfer.
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Cosina Announces Voigtlander 21mm F3.5 Sony E-Mount Lens

Last week Cosina announced their new Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f/3.5 E-mount lens. It’s priced at ¥ 85,000 and will start shipping in October.

As with other Voigtlander E-mount lenses, electronic contact transmit EXIF information of the shooting data. In addition, because it incorporates a distance encoder, it supports 5-axis camera shake correction on the camera body side. It is also possible to enlarge the viewfinder by operating the focus ring.

In addition to securing full-size image circle, it adopts optical design optimized for Sony E mount sensor. High resolution is maintained up to the periphery of the screen, and phenomena such as color hue are suppressed. Its optical design consists of 9 elements in 8 groups (one aspherical surface plus an anomalous partial dispersion element).

By adopting a total metal helicoid unit machined and adjusted with high accuracy and high quality grease producing moderate torque, smooth operation feeling is realized. It enables delicate focus adjustment.

The minimum focus distance is 20 centimetres allowing an unique ultra wide angle perspective and the lens only weighs 230 grams.


Sony Expands Full-Frame Lens Lineup with Launch of 24mm F1.4 G Master

Sony has today introduced an exciting new addition to their acclaimed G Master series of full-frame E-mount lenses, a 24mm F1.4 prime lens.

Expertly engineered to deliver best in class performance across all aperture settings, the new FE 24mm F1.4 GM (model SEL24F14GM) utilizes Sony’s most advanced optical technologies to satisfy the needs of the most demanding photographers. The new lens is the most compact and lightweight in its class, measuring approximately 7.6 by 9.3 centimetres and weighing only 445 grams, with a filter diameter of 67mm. Built to meet the strict standards of Sony’s flagship G Master series, the FE 24mm F1.4 GM offers exceptionally high resolution and beautiful bokeh, two qualities that are signature attributes of the G Master brand.

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Tuki Huck: Freezing a Moment in Time


Bringing something from the movies into our real lives, Tuki Huck launched his business, FREEZETiME in June 2018. FREEZETiME is a large self-service photo booth that takes a series of images simultaneously using twenty Sony RX0 cameras. The outcome is a wicked video showing the subject from different angles — something described as the bullet-time effect.

“The bullet-time effect has been around for a while, and initially it was mainly used on movie sets and at high-profile events (like the red carpet). I thought that it would be a good idea if everyone could have access to this unique visual effect,” Tuki explains.

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Sony Introduces the World’s Toughest and Fastest SD Card

Sony today announced a brand new innovation in storage media with the launch of the “SF-G series TOUGH specification” UHS-II SD memory card. Addressing the needs of photographers who are reliant upon their photographs remaining safe when their SD cards are removed from the camera, the new TOUGH SD card range combines the world’s fastest read and write speeds with an ultra-rugged design that is bend proof to 180N, and drop proof to 5 metres. For photographers who are fighting against the elements to get the perfect shot, the TOUGH SD cards are also waterproof with an IPX8 rating and dustproof with an IP6X rating.

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Scott McAulay: Capturing the Inner Hero

Bringing out the hero in everyday people is something Scott McAulay always aims for in his photography. Whether he’s photographing his family and friends, or small business owners and television personalities, his end goal is the same: to capture the hero in everyone. So when the opportunity to photograph TVNZ’s Survivor NZ contestants came along, it was a perfect fit.

“My passion for photography stems from photographing real people in their environment and making them look a bit heroic. Survivor puts real people into harsh, volatile environments and follows them as they make their way through numerous social, mental, and physical challenges,” Scott explains.

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